Ever get anxiety over the thought of a group ride? I totally do. I know it’s silly but it happens. It hasn’t happened to me in a while and I almost forgot what that ugly monster feels like. This past weekend I spent an epic weekend up north in Marquette, Michigan with friends.  The plan was to go fat biking, visit Black Rocks Brewery, ride our fat bikes some more, drink beer some more at Ore Dock, and repeat.

All of these friends are known as strong bike riders in these parts (Grand Rapids). Two of them are even bike race promoters.  As we pulled into the driveway of the rental house, and we all caught up over a beer and spoke excitedly over the ride plans for the next few days, I noticed an odd feeling that I hadn’t felt in ages… “Holy crap am I nervous?!?!?”… I thought to myself.  I was!! I literally felt anxious about riding my bike.  As we sat that first night over delicious beers at Ore Dock Brewery, in my mind I built up the next day’s ride as a hammerfest.  Then the pesky negative thoughts started… “Everyone is going to crank as fast as they can for as long as they can.  There was no way around it, Hammerfest 2017 was happening and I had to go. Am I going to be fast enough? Will I keep up? What if I get hungry and become even slower? They’re all going to leave me, I just know it.  I’m going to hold everyone up. I suck.”

Gahhhhhhh these thoughts are the WORST!

Inevitably, the next day came and it was time to spend the snowy beautiful day outside on our bikes on the awesome RAMBA trails.  We arrived at the trailhead and there was that ball of anxious nerves in my stomach.  “I am going to hold everyone back, I just know it” I thought to myself.

As we got onto the trail, which was an odd mix of ice and a fresh layer of snow which added to the nerves (how awful would it be if my tire pressure was too high and I ate shit in front of my friends on ice?!?!), I found myself in the first few minutes apologizing…  “I’m sorry, feel free to pass. Sorry, pass me when you need! Sorry, I’m going so slow!” It just kept coming out from my mouth. Apology word puke!  Each stupid sorry that came out was met with, “STOP apologizing!” from my friends.  It took me all of 2 minutes to realize, this was not Hammerfest 2017… this ride was all about being outside, being on your bike, giggling, and enjoying the outdoors with friends. Isn’t that what every ride is? FUGG YES IT IS! Why did I let my brain get the better of me? This wasn’t a training ride, it wasn’t a race, it was simply about being outside and enjoying the ride.  Everyone else was out there for the same reason, to have all the fun while being with friends!

Next time that obnoxious voice in the back of your head starts doggin’ on your capabilities, tell it to ‘shut up’ because you’ve got the moxie and are there to have all the fun!

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LOOK! Snow and Merry Street!