Sitting with my coffee on this gloomyish Saturday morning thinking back to the most perfect weather last weekend when I hung out with some super rad chicks at a boy scout reservation. I got to partake in Moxie Wild’s first adventure and it was awesome.

First off, Owasippe is a sweet place, I’d heard great things about the trails but hadn’t been there to explore yet. (It’s closed for the summer for scout camp so the timing has never worked out.) We had a cool little cabin on the lake and I already want to go back!

Friday night was super chill, we all arrived, made friends and hung by the fire until dinner. Then off to bed to dream of Saturday’s mountain bike camp!

I’m not one for a rigid schedule of events though I like to have a base plan, so the structure of the whole weekend was right up my alley. Yeah, we had an agenda that said we’d wake up at 7 for a little sunrise yoga, but no, we did not wake up at 7 and that was great.

The activities started with a mountain bike workshop that even some of us that have been riding for years and years learned a lot from. I for one learned how to do a front wheel lift! I’d been trying forever and what do you know, one weekend at mountain bike camp and I can do it now! That right there pretty much made it a successful weekend for me! After “class”, we took to the trails. I’ve been mountain biking for a long time but I’m still not super comfortable on really technical trails, (pretty sure it’s because of my incredible lack of coordination) but the trails at Owasippe were awesome! Flowy and beautiful and just my speed! Reminder.. go back before the boy scouts come for the summer! We rode, took a break for lunch and then rode some more. Also, major shout out to the 4 awesome ladies that had NEVER mountain biked before! You rock!

After everyone returned from the trails we had some time to relax by the lake in that perfect weather and finished out Saturday evening with another delicious dinner (let’s just say we were fed VERY well) and dessert (please feed me that again).

Then it was Sunday, how do the fun weekends always go by so fast?!?! Andrea Ketchmark was brought in to lead a backpacking clinic for us Sunday morning. I’ve done a bit of backpacking in my day but am usually pretty un-prepared, my plan is to put Andrea’s tips to use and maybe be a little more practical for future trips! She also answered all of our questions about pooping in the woods 🙂

Thank you so so much Moxie Wild for putting this weekend together. You guys are awesome and you’re doing awesome things! I honestly can’t think of a single thing that I would change. I’m super stoked and can’t wait to join in on more Moxie Wild times!