You know those times in your life when you get blindsided by something kinda major that you did not see coming? And stunned, you think – “Huh. I really did not see that coming.” And you turn it over and over in your mind while trying not to panic…or in my case, when this happened to me two weeks ago, panic and cry.  See, one of the Moxiest of all gals I know, my friend and Moxie Wild Co-Instigator of Adventure, Petra, asked to meet with me rather urgently and out of the blue. She was acting super unPetra like and I was anxious with worry – maybe she was sick. Or, maybe I had really pissed her off in some way on the Moxie Wild trip we had just run over the weekend.

Turns out, much to my relief she was not sick. Nor did I make her so angry it warranted a meeting. Instead, she would go on to tell me, with tears brimming her eyes that her husband had just received a stellar and well-deserved promotion and that they were moving ACROSS THE COUNTRY. IN A MONTH.

When we started Moxie Wild, we did a lot of due diligence. We took some super helpful and instructive business classes through Grand Rapids Opportunities for Women (GROW). We got lots of certifications and training and good insurance. We landed a top-notch financial/bookkeeping guy and an attorney. We planned a lot of  #%^&.

We did all of the things.

Except talk about succession planning.


For a week, my mind reeled. What was going to happen to Moxie Wild? This thing that we had started that we both felt so passionately about – was it going to fall apart? I mulled over how to move forward without her -she is one half of what makes what we do happen. She is knowledgeable about so many outdoor things, energetic and fun. As importantly, we work well together. Petra starts the campfire, I make the coffee. Petra does our social media, I do contracts and forms. In a wilderness first aid situation, Petra promised me she would reset any dislocated knee caps because she knows just thinking about it makes me faint, while I will manage any injuries involving feet because I know the thought of it will make her vomit.

Petra barely stomachs having to touch my “sprained” ankle during an injury simulation in our NOLS Wilderness First Aid course.

As I was struggling to figure out how to move on, a Podcast I had been a guest on earlier in the fall on WANNABE Radio aired. As it had been some time, I listened to it in that way we all do when we hear our own voices broadcast for the world to hear, which is to say, cringing. Here’s something I did not expect: what I said blew my mind! The host, Sara Grey, asked me to talk about important lessons I’ve learned about charting a course forward to do something you’ve always wanted to do. I responded by stating that while it took meeting Petra – someone with the same passion and interest in empowering women by getting them outside – to finally realize this dream I had, I had discovered that I had actually had the tools and resources to do on my own all along. In short, I was fully capable of doing it years before I finally did. Something about hearing that suddenly helped me realize, while moving Moxie forward without Petra wasn’t ideal, I have the ability and the Moxie to do it.

Now, a few weeks later, I’m excited for the future of Moxie Wild. I will greatly miss having Petra along for the ride but also know that she’s not more than a phone call away if I need advice…or to scream, cry or whine.  I am so fortunate too that I am surrounded by a bunch of  equally spirited and knowledgeable women like Jill Martindale, Linda Thompson-Poeder, Lisa Rose, Kristen Aidif and Sarah Williams who have agreed to help carry the torch forward with me. And lastly, I am grateful for new and continued partnerships with Alger Bikes, Grand Rapids Bicycle Company, Kisscross Events, Michigan Coast Riders, REI, Skirts in the Dirt, Switchback Gear Exchange and the Michigan Women’s Bike Coalition.

2018 is going to be a stellar year. Check back regularly for the full schedule of trips and meet-ups here.

Now, let’s go!